184 Main Collins Street, West Victoria 8007 Mon - Sat 8.00 - 18.00, Sunday CLOSED


The Berlin Fitness Festival is an international festival featuring exciting and captivating live shows, workshops, workouts, competitions and so much more!
With a wide range of educational interaction, it is our aim to produce the most exciting and inspiring event of this kind in Berlin.
The Berlin Fitness Festival will take place at KOSMOS Berlin on August 17 and 18

Festival Features

Showcasing a variety of programs by our star athletes and a wide range of music from well-known DJs.

Participate in work-outs, competitions, and workshops. Get personal advice. Test new products.

Featuring courses from our experts ranging from nutrition to business lessons.

Serving healthy, delicious food, snacks and beverages to our visitors. There will be vegan options available!

Be healthy, fit and energetic. Stay motivated your whole life!

The basis for a healthy body and mind.

Precise and powerful movements used for sport or self-defense.

Relax and gently stretch the body. Find balance.

The performance of the body is connected to the performance of the mind.

Test the latest gadgets, discover the newest technologies.