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Mikko Laitinen, Finland Street workout Welcome again to Berlin Fitness Festival’s blog! We are very excited about our first athlete entry, not only because beginnings are always exciting, but because we managed to speak to Mikko Laitinen. He is a street workout (SW) trainer from Finland, who shared with us some useful lessons on fitness and this fairly new sport. Hopefully you can incorporate them in your own personal fitness journeys. SW is a social-physical sport, a bodyweight based practice that results from the combination of gymnastics and parkour. It borrows the moves

Welcome to Berlin Fitness Festival’s blog, or how we like to call it BFF because we would like to be the best friend you can have when it comes to finding advice, guidance and news on fitness and all the practices involved in it. Through this blog, you will not only get to know more about fitness and a healthy lifestyle, but you will also get to know details about our upcoming festival, that will take place in Berlin during the fall of 2019. Today we are just going to give