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BFF introduction

Welcome to Berlin Fitness Festival’s blog, or how we like to call it BFF because we would like to be the best friend you can have when it comes to finding advice, guidance and news on fitness and all the practices involved in it. Through this blog, you will not only get to know more about fitness and a healthy lifestyle, but you will also get to know details about our upcoming festival, that will take place in Berlin during the fall of 2019.

Today we are just going to give you a quick introduction into the BFF’s concept and our fitness practices.

Have you ever asked yourself: What is fitness? How do I know if I am a fit person? How can I develop a lifelong dedication to fitness? If you are like the most of us, you probably have at least a basic knowledge of self-care. You know you should probably work-out, eat well and sleep 8 hours a day, but does this really encompass the whole meaning of fitness? And does it guarantee health? The answer is (drums, please): there is no universal definition of fitness. It is a personal concept, and there are as many definitions of fitness as there are people in the world, but don’t worry, the multiplicity of fitness doesn’t mean it has to be hard. Here at BFF, we like to define fitness as the ability of the individual to grow and thrive in its environment. This means that you should find a set of practices that work for you, because only you know your mind, body and what is necessary to be in balance. In case you have no clue how to attain this balance, we are here for you.

To make Berlin Fitness Festival 2019 the best fitness event in the world, our team decided from the very beginning that we need to include practices that make up synergistic connections between body and mind. This means various parts (within you) are working together to produce better results. It was very hard for us to narrow it down, but here they are:


  1. TRAINING: Gain a deeper understanding of why it is important to keep the body in shape.
  2. NUTRITION: Use of food as medicine.
  3. MARTIAL ARTS: Experience the elegant and powerful moves used in competitions or for self-defense.
  4. YOGA: Learn how to focus the mind with the help of your body, gain amazing flexibility.
  5. TECHNOLOGY: Explore and try out the newest gadgets, wearables, and apps designed to enhance your performance.
  6. MINDFULNESS: Find out how to be completely present in the given moment, experience a new feeling of being focused and calm.


Simple right? Well, most wouldn’t agree and I feel you… In modern life, we often feel like we have no time to get all of our work done before the day ends. Let alone squeeze at least three workout sessions into a week, cook healthy meals and find time to relax. If you are having problems finding time or motivation, I would suggest you explore the practice of mindfulness first. It will take you to an inner place of strength and relaxation before you try to balance any extra activities. Start slow, introduce one practice at a time and it will make way for more practices that will allow you to feel better, which is, in the end, the ONLY thing that matters.

Hopefully, these posts will lead you to a healthier lifestyle in 2019. Happy New Year, everyone, and stay tuned because we will post once a week and we’ll talk about Berlin, health, and fitness. Next week we’ll present our first athlete: Mikko Laitinen.