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The Berlin Fitness Festival will be held from August 17 - 18 at KOSMOS Berlin. It will feature aspects of a trade show as well as those of an international festival. With a focus on music and fun without ever forgetting the business side, we are producing an exciting and lucrative event for everybody involved!
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There will be more than 50 trade booths and tables at which visitors can test exciting new products made by established companies as well as start-ups. Visitors will be able to try out some of these products before they hit the wider market. There will be workshops, live trainings, and shows plus lectures and discussion panels. Visitors will be given up-to-date information on the latest trends and given the opportunity to seek advice and counseling on their hobby or profession. The Berlin Fitness Festival will take place in the city of Berlin on August 17 - 18, 2019. It will be held annually in Berlin and might very well expand to other cities within Europe.
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Our main focus is to establish connections between all the different aspects we have mentioned so far under the umbrella term of fitness. For us, fitness means being of fit and able body and mind. We are taking the holistic approach, connecting seemingly unconnected areas for the benefit of everybody involved. We will show interesting and to some people surprising synergies between our different topics.
The gentle, smooth approach of yoga will greatly improve your flexibility even if you are used to more intense movements. A tough martial artist or bodybuilder might become calmer and more concentrated through the practice of mindfulness. On the other hand, a long time yoga practitioner might find out that they also feel great after lifting some weights. Everybody should become more and more aware of how the right nutrients are affecting their activities. Our topics complement each other; they are interwoven. Visitors will experience new ways of becoming or staying fit. They might be encouraged to try new things and therefore become a more complete and happy being. For our exhibitors, this is a great opportunity for reaching people they might never have thought of otherwise. A gym owner might know already how beneficial it could be to have a nutrition specialist in their team. Maybe it’s time to find out what use they can make of a mindfulness teacher or kung-fu trainer?



Berlin, the vivid, lively city in the heart of Europe. Its citizens and visitors are interested in the latest trends and having new unique experiences.
Berlin is made up of citizens who run, bike, swim, lift weights and meditate to become their best selves. In the many parks, there are people who love to work out in the fresh air during the beautiful sunny summer. You see seniors, perhaps curious about Yoga or Mindfulness to keep up their fitness, practicing Tai Chi or Nordic Walking. Many people enjoy kayaking, rowing, and stand-up paddling in Berlin's numerous lakes and beaches. In the playgrounds, you see parents playing catch with their kids and many children who skateboard, skip rope and fly kites. This is our audience. To these people, we offer a unique and highly exciting event.

A variety of programs by star athletes will take place throughout the duration of the event.

Work-outs, competitions, and workshops for our visitors to participate in.

Presentations and courses ranging from nutrition to business lessons. Our experts will share their knowledge and experience.

Serving our visitors healthy and delicious food and refreshing beverages.