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Martial arts

Martial arts

Martial artists can be roughly split into two groups: people who practice a martial art mainly for self-defense and those who practice it mainly as a sport. There is of course a big overlap between these two groups.

Especially in big cities many people are drawn towards the self-defense part of martial arts. Increasing crime rates and a fear of possibly becoming the victim of a violent act makes people want to prepare for the worst. Other people are drawn to the precise and powerful movements, to the elegance and seeming effortlessness of martial arts. They might want to partake in competitions and ascend the ladder of structured practice.

Practicing martial arts could be called meditation in movement because of the high amount of concentration and presence needed to be successful. Watching demonstrations of martial artists is great, inspiring entertainment as well.

We’d like to invite people and schools from the following disciplines:

Tai chi


Kung fu


Kick boxing

Muay thai

Krav maga

Street fighting