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Most fitness practitioners are aware that consuming the right amount of nutrients is the first step to being healthy and fit. However, for some this seems like the most difficult. Eating is deeply connected to feeling good. Hard to shake habits and cultural imprints are connected to what and also, how we eat. Lots of people who are already working out regularly can still profit greatly from tips and advice on nutrition.

A lot of people become attracted to fitness in the first place to lose weight. For them especially, training and nutrition are inseparable from the onset.


The trend towards convenience that has taken hold of humanity for some decades now, influenced the production of fast-food, instant meals and food just generally filled with preservatives and artificially added chemicals. The convenience of just taking a pill or having surgery is tempting for many and fortifies bad eating habits.

Happily, this trend is seeming to lose its grip in the face of a rising awareness of food as medicine. More and more people are cooking at home again, taking their time with the preparation and celebrating the culture of eating well.

We will be supporting this idea by inviting experts who will talk and advise about this topic.