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Cengiz Gök – Mind Coaching

We live in a time of losing access to ourselves. The basic idea of Way of Now is about feeling your own body and mind in the present moment while vibrating with the other person. Way of Now teaches the mindfulness of flexibility and adaptability in interaction with others. We learn about our own blockages and to perceive and dissolve tensions, whereby we can deal better with feelings characterized as negative. We become calmer, more open and appreciative of ourselves and others.

Way Of Now Includes:

  • Meditative archery to find rest and balance in an exciting way
  • Breathing exercises to see when we are out of the river and how to return to it
  • “Sticky Hands”, “Spinning Hands” or “Push Hands” (two or more), partner exercises from different martial arts.
  • Role-playing games and prat training to prepare for various self-defense situations
  • Open discussion rounds to strengthen the community


For Way of Now you do not need any special requirements beyond curiosity. A specific age, previous sporting experience or special physical prowess are not required.

On the contrary: Way of Now is adaptable.