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Jani Toivonen – Sound Healing

I’m a healer and artist. Through sound vibrations, I open space for listeners to experience deep relaxation, healing, and balance.
My focus is to find true simplicity in life, the flow of peace and happiness, and share it.

I’m creating very different kinds of workshops where I coach people to come back to the body and experience a deeper level of existence. I have a lifelong martial art background. I give massage and sound healing treatments for single people, groups, festivals, and companies.

Sound healing is a deep relaxation method and based on vibration. In fact, all that moves produces sound, all vibrating forms create sound. In other words, everything in the universe vibrates at a particular frequency.

The instrumental overtones make the body’s trillion cells ring in harmony, thus dissipating energy jams which opens the meridians. At a deeper level, the harmonic sounds produced by the instruments affect the level of consciousness by slowing the brain masses to the alpha and theta frequencies, which activates the body’s healing energies.

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