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Gently perceive your world! For me, this means a careful awareness of our body, our mind, our soul and our environment – as an interacting unit.

We live in an increasingly stressful society, are heavily influenced by the medial and capitalistic ideals, which sometimes brings our unity out of balance.

As an Ecotrophologist (B.Sc.) and Agricultural Economist (M.Sc.), I have long-standing expertise in the fields of nutrition and agriculture and I have already published scientific texts.

In my workshop, I mainly link physical, physiological and psychological aspects of nutrition that not only provides basic nutrients to our bodies but also increases our energy levels.

It is my concern,
* to anchor the origins of our food into our minds and, in particular, to focus on regional production through ecological farms;
* to inform you about an adequate supply of the body with nutrients as well as other important nutrient components and to explain their effects on our organism;
* to point out traps and risks associated with the consumption of industrially processed foods.

With the aim of,
* introducing you to intuitive and self-determined nutritional habits which lead from self-love to your individually comfortable weight and to energetic, high-performing health on all levels.

Instead of the strictness required by most diets, I rely on elucidation, incorporating individual preferences and habits. By using these means, the yo-yo effect typically resulting from dieting will be avoided and a stable long-term effect on our body will be achieved.