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Mikko Laitinen – Street Workout

I coach Street Workout, bodyweight training and group exercising (based on bodyweight training) and I have individual Street Workout clients.
Last week I was chosen as a Vice President for Finnish Street Workout Federation. We want to make it more popular with people, especially children. We are going to connect with schools all around Finland, so we can introduce them to Street Workout. We also want to educate more Street Workout trainers all across Finland.
Street Workout is based on bodyweight training. The basic movements are pull ups, push ups, dips and different handstand variations. More advanced movements like the front lever, back lever, planche, and human flag are the same ones that skilled gymnasts perform. Some moves have their roots in parkour. As it is a freestyle type of sport, there are vast variations of tricks and flips that can be done on a pull-up bar.
Street Workout World Championships have been organized since 2014, so even though it is a fairly new sport, its popularity is increasing.

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